Accessing Your Account Data

You can request a copy of the data we store about you by contacting Support. For more details on what data is available, see the table below.

To request a download of your data please contact Support and specify the information you would like to receive. We will provide this information to you no later than one month after the request is made.



Account Status

Date and time your WeShop account was created, closed or reopened.

Retailers you’ve visited

A list of the retailers you’ve clicked to visit.

Personalisation criteria

Contains the information we use to figure out which profiles and posts to show you. Some of the targeting data may be derived from other information you’ve given us. For example we might use the posts you’ve liked or commented on.


Comments you’ve made. It includes the date, the url where your comment was posted, the comment itself and the post you commented on.

Email addresses

This consists of a history of email addresses currently or previously associated with your account.


A list of the profiles you follow and the profiles that follow you.

Posts you’ve created

Contains the details of all the posts you’ve created.


Contains a list of interests you selected when creating your account. We may have no information stored if you declined to select any interests or weren’t presented with the opportunity.

Posts you’ve liked

It includes the date you "Liked" the post, the post details and the URL of the post, if it’s available.

Login attempts

Shows all the stored account logins for your account. It includes the user agent provided by the application at the time, the IP address of the computer, date, time, and type of login.

Phone numbers

Phone numbers that you have associated with your WeShop account for the purpose of account verification.


Photos that you've uploaded to WeShop.

Profile information

The basic biographical information that makes up your LinkedIn profile, including your first and last name, username, biography and account creation date.


The date you registered on LinkedIn, the IP address you registered from, and the member who invited you, if there was one.

Search history

A list of your recent searches on WeShop.


Every post that you’ve attempted to share to Facebook or Twitter.