Social Superstore – Where we began…

To our followers, friends and fellow store owners.

Thank you. Since we launched Social Superstore last week, we’ve had a huge amount of support from friends, family, celebrities and the media and we thought now was the perfect time to tell you a few more details about our story and where we came from.

Social Superstore, a small start-up, was first conceived and incorporated in 2012 as a platform to allow people to set up their own online store in a cost free, risk free, safe environment.  We wanted to create something where everyone – from student to stay-at-home parent - could discover and share the things they loved and hopefully, earn some extra cash on the side.

We took on our first employee in 2013; he is still a valued member of our now twenty-plus team and we are proud that these people not only work with us but are developing their own set of tech and entrepreneurial skills daily.  We hope to one day support their new businesses as we know, from first-hand experience, the hurdles to overcome.

In 2014, we started market testing our product with thousands of people to help improve UX and UI designs and only at that point did we make the call to eventually launch.  We raised enough money to hire an in-house technology team and to start developing Social Superstore further.

In 2015 we launched our beta site.  After over a year of further testing and development we decided it was time to launch Social Superstore to the world after four years in the making.  That was two weeks ago.

Over the years we have attended and spoken at a number of key events including PMI London (, the Tradedoubler Conference and Her Campus in New York ( at every stage learning and developing.   It was in these forums that we first truly understood the impact our business could have on the world and immediately approached a number of charities in the UK to create a model where they earn 100% of commissions generated through their own stores.  This model, we hope, will eventually raise millions of pounds for causes across the country to support their vital work. 

Launching a business is never easy and there will always be obstacles to overcome which is why we were thrilled to have the support of Baroness Mone OBE, the UK government's small business tsar, who throughout her career has helped set up hundreds of businesses.  There are lots of people in the world in exactly the same position as us, trying to turn a dream into a reality into a business and we wish them nothing but success and hope that sentiment is returned.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us so far.  This doesn’t just include our fans, but also our families and colleagues.  We couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved in our first four years and look forward to the next four.

If you have any questions, we’re here to talk:

25th October 2016

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