Dos and Don'ts

WeShop Dos and Don’ts.

We want to make WeShop a fun and rewarding experience for everyone, whether you’re a Member, Visitor or even a Retail Partner. But to do that, we need your help – the power to make this site truly great is in your hands, which is why we ask everyone who joins to abide by these simple guidelines. 


1) Post anything that might upset anyone. Even if you think it’s really funny.

2) Share anything you don’t have permission to share.

3) Add rude things to your profile. (If you wouldn’t show it to your granny, don’t add it!)

4) Break the law or encourage others to break the law.

5) Pretend to be anyone other than yourself. (Remember: Always be yourself. Don’t be a second rate version of someone else.)

6) Discourage others from being a part of the WeShop community.

7) Interfere with or disrupt any of the WeShop servers, sites or networks.

8) Steal anyone’s login details.

9) Criticise or harass others for what they choose to add or buy. Not everyone can have your great taste.

10) Spam. There’s a special circle of hell just for spammers.

11) Perform any business on WeShop for which you need a licence e.g. promoting regulated financial products such as insurance policies.

12) Use WeShop's name, logo, trademark or branding in a way that confuses people as to your affiliation with WeShop.


1) Have fun.


This is a social community that you belong to so please treat it in such a way.  It's yours!