How do I spend my commission?

For you to spend your points, you must have £10.00 or more available to withdraw from your Dashboard. You'll see that you have 3 ways to spend your commission:

  1. As cash, via PayPal or BACS account
  2. As a Gift Card at a selection of top retailer
  3. By donating it to your favourite charitable causes

 To convert your points to cash, you must either (i) open and maintain a PayPal account, and / or (ii) provide us with your UK bank account details to which payments should be made. PayPal payments can take up to three working days from the date we issue the payment and BACS payments can take up to five working days. Irrespective of any amount showing as credited to your Wallet, you only become entitled to any points when we pay them in to your PayPal account and / or your UK bank account in the form of a cash amount.