Why has my commission not appeared / been declined in my Dashboard after a visitor has bought a product through my profile?

Occasionally, a payment may not be made by the retailer. This may be because:

The order was cancelled or part of the order was returned.

Anti-virus software and Firewalls can block affiliate links (which we use to track purchases made through your profile). Your firewall must be enabled for cookie tracking. Ad and cookie blocking must be disabled to allow us to track your sales.

The visitor cleared their cookies before making the purchase (WeShop’s cookie must be the last placed on their computer prior to purchase).

It should only take 24 hours for commision to show in your Dashboard but it can take up to 7 days so please be patient!

A voucher code which wasn’t authorised by the retailer was used when the purchase was made.

The purchase was not completed wholly online or within one internet browser session. To ensure the tracking process is as smooth as possible, we recommend that users click the buy button on the product pods and purchase the item within one internet browser session.

The retailer has ceased trading or gone into administration. 

Also, please note that some sales are subject to de-duplication against other online advertising channels. These may include but aren’t limited to:

  • PPC Adverts
  • Email Advertising
  • Direct Partnerships
  • Price Comparison
  • Voucher Code sites
  • Display & retargeting advertising
  • Blogs


If you don’t think any of the above reasons apply simply contact us and we will raise a claim and investigate with the retailer.

Please note claims must be raised within 6 weeks of the date of purchase.