What are points?

The best way to think about points is in their monetary equivalent. 1 point is equal to £0.01, so, for example, 500 points is equal to £5.00.

We use points in order to give you more options when selecting your reward. Not only can you withdraw your points as cash to your bank or PayPal account, you can also donate your points to charity and redeem them at a higher value as a gift card.

The number of points you receive after a sale is based on your membership level (Bronze = 5%, Silver = 7.5% and Gold = 10%). You can track all of this in your dashboard!

See the following scenario:

A sale has just tracked through my profile for £2,000 which qualifies me as a Gold member, can you refund the 10% discount against my sale?

Sadly, this is not how it works! That £2,000+ sale has now qualified you as a Gold member. This means that you’ll earn 10% points on all sales to track through your profile in the next 365 days.