What does my membership level mean?

Your membership level determines the % age of points that you will receive on any sales that are made through your profile. WeShop members start at Bronze Level which means that you earn 5% of the total sale amount in points of any sales made through your profile. Once you reach £500 worth of tracked sales through your profile, you will become a Silver member, increasing your points to 7.5% of the total sale amount on any subsequent sales. The top level is Gold, earning you 10% points once your profile has generated £2,000 in sales!

We reward our members for shopping socially, frequently running promotions where  the more you buy through your friends and followers – the more you’ll earn!

Your membership level is based on a rolling 365 day period and is calculated daily. If you have a sale that is 366 days old, it will no longer count towards your level and it will drop off, potentially causing you to return to a lower level.